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Theopoetics and the Divine Method

Event: Theopoetics and the Divine Method: Towards Process Theologies of Multiplicity
Place: Claremont School of Theology
Time: November 1-3, 2009
Who: Roland Faber, The Center for Process Studies, et al.

Held in conjunction with the Inaugural Lecture of Roland Faber, this conference is exploring the complex ways in which process theology is, should, and can be the “theopoetics” of such theologies of multiplicity, as well as ways in which it contributes to a theology of multiplicities. In its insistence on the ultimacy of the irreducible manifoldness of the world in ontological, aesthetical and ethical terms, in its multiple ways of expressing this insistence on manifoldness as a Divine gift, this “poetics” talks about the love of the folded God for the manifold of the process of becoming and becomes the creative expression of this love as the mutual happening and relationality of its creatures.

In the phrase of Whitehead’s “poet of the world” this conference will explore the poiesis of the mutuality of the world of becoming and of value, of creativity and the Divine, of new formulations of this mystery in a world of religious violence, political antagonism, and ecological turmoil in order to address with its “metaphors” the deep importance of the recognition of such a poietics of love