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Theopoetics Workshop

Event: Power of Words Conference, Theopoetics Workshop – Opening World with Word
Place: Goddard College
Time: 2008
Who: Kristina and Callid Keefe-Perry

We intend for this workshop to serve two main purposes.  The first is to give participants some insight into the contents and possibility of theopoetics in general, and the second is to show what theopoetics has to offer specifically to practitioners of transformative language arts.

Theopoetics is a re-emerging field of interdisciplinary study, combining elements of poetic analysis, theology, narrative study, and postmodern philosophy.  It operates on a continuum: from theology working in a poetically interpretive way, to poetically defining or demarcating the idea of the Sacred, maintaining beauty and the knowledge of language’s tenuous nature.

It has been our observation and conclusion that there are certain aspects of Healing, Art, and Creation which a study of theopoetics could deepen, enliven, and sustain. Thus, thirdly, we want to share from personal experience some of the ways in which we have been sustained on our journey with language and engage with others on the role of language in vocation and spiritual path.  We hope that this workshop will serve as an intellectually and creatively stimulating introduction to theopoetics and as an exploration of its possible use in spiritual nurture and growth.   We believe theopoetics can serve to aid in moving our lives more fully toward fulfilling wholeness.