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The Association for Theopoetics Research and Exploration (ATRE) financially supports the production of THEOPOETICS Journal, the annual gathering of the theopoetics working group at the meetings of the American Academy of Religion, and the annual theopoetics conference. Future possibilities are being explored in regards to regional events and periodic online seminars.

Your membership in ATRE signals (1) your interest in the dynamic work that is coming from the exploration of theopoetics and (2) concretely helps us to maintain the journal and secure space for events including the annual AAR meetings and conference sites.

All funds received from membership payments to ATRE are used for operations and for our gatherings. None of the volunteer members of the steering committee or contributors to THEOPOETICS earn money from the production of this journal, each serving out of a desire to more significantly expose wider audiences to the vital and exciting conversations that swirl around theopoetic work.

Wanting to remain in resonance with the theopoetic emphasis on inclusion, while the recommended membership donation amount is $25, membership is accepted on a sliding scale with no one being turned aside.

For logistical purposes, memberships will always run from January 1 through December 31 of a year. This helps us track where our support is coming from, how much is coming in year-to-year, and from whom. Remember, the cost is on a sliding scale so you can give whatever you feel you can manage.

We thank you in advance for supporting the journal and look forward to continuing to offer you free content on the growing edge of theopoetic research and exploration.



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