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Currently ATRE works to provide five things, with other possibilities on the horizon.

  1. An annual conference, held in different parts of the country and done in such a way so as to be “more than just academic.” Events include performances, dialogue, and limited paper presentations.
  2. An annual working group meeting, held during the American Academy of Religion. This is the academic theology and religion wing of things, with papers being presented and discussed. We tend to be warmer and more welcoming than much of what happens at large academic conferences, but this is still quite academic.
  3. The THEOPOETICS Journal, which is released twice yearly, and serves to archive finalized papers from working group meetings as well as reviews, literature, and editorial commentary.
  4. A listing for events that have particular ties to theopoetic themes. ATRE members are encouraged to submit events they think will be of interest.
  5. A curated amazon portal with many of the most-cited books on the subject of theopoetics.