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2011 in San Francisco


The meeting’s focus was on the impact of employing non-propositional poetics in areas of theological exploration. Does it simply yields “vague language,” and/or does it provide a substantive contribution to discourse pertaining to the Divine? This gathering should provide an opportunity for mutual engagement for those whose studies and/or practices fall in the intersection of theological thought, poetics, faith, and religion. N.B. The panel is not for the purposes of showcasing religious poetry: content should primarily be focused on a reflection of the impact of poetic perspectives on theological thought.


Liberating Language: Rubem Alves, Theopoetics, and the Democratization of God-Talk

God’s Metaphorical Creativity: Reflections on the Divine Origins of Creative Human Love

Writing on the Boundary Line: Theopoetics as the Breaking of Form

A Theopoetics of Seeking Cultures of Peace

A Heraldic Ethic: Critical Resistance and the Embodiment of a Dialogical Impulse


The Working Group met at the annual AAR/SBL session in San Francisco, from 9:00 – 11:00am, Saturday 11/19/11.  As per the subversive methodology of theopoetics, the time was spent somewhat outside of normal academic conventions: the working group met for two hours, during which time a panel of five individuals was each given 12 minutes to highlight key topics from their papers/projects. At the close of their presentations the panel was opened up to a dialogue format in which panelists and attenders are encouraged to engage in conversation emerging from ideas presented.