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2012 in Chicago


Intent and Theme

This meeting continued to address the impact of employing non-propositional poetics in the exploration of theological practice and scholarship. Additionally however, in our 2012 meeting there was a desire to focus particularly on the ways in which a theopoetic perspective engenders embodiment and a return to the flesh.

Panel Content

Jeffery Hocking’s “Risking Idolatry? Theopoetics and the Promise of Embodiment” | Abstract  Here  | Meeting Work here

Travis Poling and Craig Goodworth’s “Ritual in the Dark: A Liturgy of Image & Text” | Abstract Here  | Meeting Work here

Andrew Tripp’s “Scripted Bodies and the Poet’s Word: Theopoetics and Pastoral Care” | Abstract Here  | Meeting Work here

Martha Serpas’s “Transubstantiated Poetry and Embodied Theology” | Abstract Here | Meeting Work here


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