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Upcoming Meeting


The San Antonio 2016 Annual Meetings of the American Academy of Religion.
Hyatt Regency-Bowie C (Losoya Conference Center)

Saturday – 1:00 PM-3:30 PM

Intent and Theme

This gathering should provide an opportunity for mutual engagement for those whose studies and/or practices fall in the intersection of theological thought, poetics, faith, religion, and methodologies which emphasize embodiment. This meeting will continue to address the impact of employing embodied, non-propositional poetics in the exploration of theological practice and scholarship. Articles from previous issues can be referenced as examples of this trajectory and a brief document outlining some of the ways “theopoetics” is used is available here. Additionally however, in our 2016 meeting there is a desire to focus particularly on theopoetics practice(s) within faith communities.

What is the role of the faith community in theological conversation? How does theopoetics contribute to innovations in teaching, preaching, spiritual growth, worship, activism, and or pastoral care? Does discourse around theopoetics have anything to offer to faith communities? How might practices and experiences of faith communities add to or thicken understandings of theopoetics?


We will meet for two and a half hours, during which time a panel of four individuals will be each be given 15 minutes to highlight key topics from their papers/projects. At the close of their presentations the panel will be opened up to a dialogue format in which panelists and attenders are encouraged to engage in conversation emerging from ideas presented. At the participants’ discretion, the meeting may be recorded for archival on theopoetics.net, thus making it accessible to those for whom traveling to the conference is not feasible.

Panel Content

Theopoetic Liturgy: The Word Made Refreshed” | ER Underbrink

The Contemporary Elegy and the Poetics of Grief: Sustaining Lamentation” | Shawn Fawson

Voicing Voicelessness: Theopoetics as Community Expression” | Silas Krabbe

Wonder and Awe: Theopoetics and the Formation of Agnostic Communities” | Daniel Boscaljon


Contact ATRE Steering Committee Members here.