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Affinitively Related

These texts pertain to theopoetics in the sense that their content bears some resonance or affinity with the topic.  They may not mention the term specifically, but they engage issues that are of likely interest to those wanting to know about theopoetics. All media linked to retain their original copyright and are included for educational purposes only.

Kathleen Norris

1999 Book – Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith

Douglas Burton-Cherie

2000 Chapter – “Words Beneath the Water: Logos, Cosmos, and the Spirit of Place

Richard Rorty

2007 Essay – The Fire of Life

Amos Wilder

1953 Essay – Artist and Believer

Roland Faber

2008 Book – God as Poet of the World

Richard Kearney

2010 Book – Anatheism

David Miller

2000 Published Lecture – Stanley Hopper and Mythopoetics