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Banner Images

The images that sit to the left and right of the THEOPOETICS(dot)NET logo up on the banner are visuals that I often use when discussing the subject with folks who have little background in philosophy or theology.  I find that using visual media is often very helpful in talking about an idea that can be presented as very abstract and somewhat esoteric. The images are representative of two aspects that I believe to be central to understanding theopoetics. If you are interested in a more philosophically flavored approach, read on, otherwise go right to the videos for A Surplus of Meaning and The Willingness to Squint, and watch them.

The images are a pairing of various aspects of Subject and Object.  The left, Duck-Rabbit, image focuses on an Object image or text, and its power to elicit a resonating perception. The right, pixelated, image focuses on the Subject of our human perception/will, and its power and desire to make the world make sense.

In other words, the image on the left embodies the qualities of a text which correlate with a reader’s interpretation of it as a multiplicity; the image to the right represents the efforts of a reader to process the experience of a text in such a way as to give it meaning.

For more on each of these ideas, check out the text on the pages for A Surplus of Meaning and The Willingness to Squint.