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These texts, whether essay, chapter, or book, all are written directly and intentionally about theopoetics as a field/perspective. They are some of the foundational sources and authors for developing a sense of the biblical and literary streams of the theopoetic project as a whole.  All media linked to retain their original copyright and are included for educational purposes only.

Callid Keefe-Perry

2011 Essay – Towards the Heraldic: A Theopoetic Response to Monorthodoxy

2010 Essay – Divine Exploration and Invitation

2009 Essay – Theopoetics: Process and Perspective

2010 Essay – Where Power Lies: Theopoetics as a Pastoral Tool

2010 Essay – Theopoetic Fusing: Hyper-reality, Horizons, and Reading Scripture

Amos Wilder

1976 Book – Theopoetic: Theology and the Religious Imagination

Scott Holland

1997 Essay – Theology is a Kind of Writing: The Emergence of Theopoetics

Rubem Alves

1990 Book – The Poet, The Warrior, The Prophet

David Miller

2010 Essay – Theopoetics or Theopoetry?

1987 Chapter – Theopoiesis: A Perspective of the Work of Stanley Romaine Hopper

1967 Chapter – Interpretation: The Poetry of Meaning

Matt Guynn

2006 Essay – Theopoetics: That the Dead May Become Gardeners Again

2010 Essay – Theopoetics and Social Change