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A Very Short Description of Theopoetics
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A video introduction to the topic of theopoetics, a field combining process and narrative theologies, poetic analysis, and post-modern philosophy.

A Short Description of Theopoetics
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A longer version of the above, with more detail.

A Surplus of Meaning
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A more detailed look at Paul Ricoeur’s concept of a surplus of meaning and how it can be applied to understanding theopoetics.

A Willingness to Squint
see video

A more in-depth look at an interpretation of a foundational piece of theopoetic thought.

On the Words “Poetics” and “Poetry
see video

A definitional and etymological discussion of poetics and poetry as they pertain to theopoetics.

Academic Context and the Origins of Theopoetics
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A brief look at the work of Stanley Romaine Hopper and Amos Niven Wilder.