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Tangentially Related

When Poetry Works: Adrienne Rich and Theopoetics
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A short video about the connections between Adrienne Rich’s “Commitment and Poetry” and theopoetics. Specifically the focus is on two theopoetic perspectives on the function of poetry.

Walter Bruggemann, Catherine Keller, and the Emergent Church
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A look at some of Bruggemann’s comments at the 2004 “Emergent Village Theological Conversation” conference, and a consideration of their intersection with theopoetics.

Applied Theopoetics: Theory
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Dealing with work from Paul Ricoeur, Amos Wilder, and Richard Kearney, this video is part of a two video set dealing with applying theopoetics to pastoral theology. This vid lays out the academic theory behind the things discussed in the second, follow-up, video. This video is accessible to educated individuals interested in religion and thinking. No field specific knowledge is needed, though watching a few of the other theopoetics videos couldn’t hurt.

Applied Theopoetics: Practice
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This is the second of the first two videos dealing with issues of practical theopoetic work. It addresses nitty-gritty hands-on things that can be done/considered to practice perception. It is the follow-up video to the Applied Theopoetics: Theory, and builds off of the information presented there.