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Tangentially Related

These texts are are either a) examples of writing done in a theopoetic way, or b) pieces that make use of theopoetics directly but are not primarily focused on the topic from a biblical or literary perspective.  All media linked to retain their original copyright and are included for educational purposes only.

Melanie May

1995 Book – A Body Knows: A Theopoetics of Death and Resurrection

Jason Derr

2010 Book – Towards a Theopoetic of the Cross

John Caputo and Catherine Keller

2007 Essay – “Theopoetic/Theopolitic

Phil C. Zylla

2007 Essay – “What Language Can I Borrow? Theopoetic Renewal in Pastoral Theology

Catherine Keller

2006 Chapter – “The Flesh of God: A Metaphor in the Wild

2006 Published Lecture – Process Theology as Theopoetics

Roland Faber

2006 Published Lecture – Process Theology as Theopoetics

2006 Essay – Theopoetics, Polyphilia, and Theoplicity

2008 Essay – Ecotheology, Ecoprocess, ad Ecotheosis: A Theopoetical Intervention

Rubem Alves

1990 Book – The Poet, The Warrior, The Prophet

1983 Book – Poesia, Profecia, Magia

David Miller

2006 Book – Hells and Holy Ghosts: A Theopoetics of Christian Belief

2000 Speech – Stanley Hopper and Mythopoetics

Richard McCall

1997 Essay – Theopoetics: The Acts of God in the Act of Liturgy